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Get The Right Asbestos Removal Service In Brisbane

Asbestos is a natural mineral that has a lot of great qualities for construction use. Because of this reason, it was extremely popular in many parts of the world between the 1950s and the 1980s. What made this material so great was that it was fire resistant and it had the ability to absorb sound better than other materials. The problem came when it was discovered that there were serious health concerns with this material and it was banned for use in construction. Here we'll take a look at how to get the right asbestos removal service in Brisbane.

Get The Right Asbestos Removal Service In Brisbane

The Dangers Of Asbestos

When this material breaks down it becomes fine dust or fiber that can then be breathed into the lungs. This mineral is not dangerous in its basic state and only becomes dangerous when it breaks down into dust. This fine dust is breathed in and although much of it can pass through the body, some of it can get lodged deep into your lungs and cause a number of health problems.

The most dangerous state of asbestosis is when it can be crumbled easily in your hand. Some forms of asbestos are less likely to reach this state whereas others are more likely to become what is known as friable. When asbestos is used as a spray-on insulation it is very friable. There are a number of products made from asbestos that are not considered especially dangerous as long as they are not broken or damaged. These items include shingles, siding, cabinet tops, fire doors and other similar products that were made from this mineral.

Three Main Diseases Associated With Being Exposed To Friable Asbestos

  1. Lung Cancer
    This disease represents the highest number of deaths from exposure to friable asbestos. The general population has a very minimal exposure to asbestos dust. The majority of those who develop lung cancer from breathing in this dust are those who work in milling, mining, and the manufacturing of asbestos products.

  2. Asbestosis
    This is a less known non-cancerous respiratory disease that can come from inhaling small fibers of asbestos. There is no known treatment for this condition.

  3. Mesothelioma
    This condition is the rarest of those related to asbestos. It is usually associated with those who are working in industries that work with this mineral.
Use An Asbestos Removal Service You Can Trust

Because of the hazards involved with working with this type of material, it's very important when you need to remove asbestos that you get a removal service that you can trust. You don't want to create an environment that is dangerous to you or others and that's why you need to make sure that you get a qualified company that knows how to remove this material safely. If you are in Brisbane then you can call on Total Asbestos and Demolition as they are the number one asbestos removal service in the area. They are available for big and small jobs and for residential or commercial properties. With over four decades of experience, they are a company that you can depend on.



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